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Making the Business Case for Training

Studies show that investing in the right training improves profit margins and encourages higher motivation and morale of staff members. The right training courses are designed to provide the tools you and your staff need to learn and understand standards, and to manage audit programs for your management system. Learning the specifications and requirements for each standard relevant to your business will help ensure an effective system, allowing your organization to enhance efficiencies, improve performance, mitigate risks, and become better organized and prepared.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how training can support the success of your management system implementation
  • Learn the best practices for implementing an effective training and awareness program
  • Understand the training requirements defined in most management system standards

Who Should Attend:

Management Representatives and/or anyone within the organization that is responsible for or involved in business system development and improvement, regulatory compliance and business resilience.


BSI Presenter John DiMaria (Co-Author of “How to Deploy BS 25999” and Product Marketing Manager for BSI Group America Inc.)