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A Foundation for Effective Management, Continual Improvement and Financial Return.

Formal, internationally-accepted management system standards are critical to the profitability of many organizations.

Those who adopt ISO 9001 realize faster sales and employment growth, and are more likely to survive than non-adopters.

ISO 9001 is a foundation for effective management, continual improvement and financial return. As a management representative or quality manager, it is up to you to make a business case for adopting ISO 9001. Any concerns about the ROI should be dispelled when it is over.

If you are certified to ISO 9001 and not recognizing a ROI, you should also attend this webcast. Reviewing and re-evaluating your quality management system, metrics and continual improvement process should help you realize the advantages being realized through your ISO 9001 process.

Participants will:

  • Get introduced to the most widely used, internationally-accepted management system in the world, ISO 9001.
  • Learn how implementing ISO 9001 solutions can improve operations, compliance and ultimately the bottom line.
  • Review data that successful companies have made available to show the advantages and savings they have realized using ISO 9001.