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Crafting Certainty from Uncertainty: Scenario-Based Extreme Weather Planning

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Health, Safety and Well-being


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1 hour

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Course Details


Treating extreme weather events as “unexpected emergencies” is no longer possible for effective safety, health and environmental management. The frequency, intensity and widespread occurrence of extreme weather events requires formal risk investigation, prioritization and response planning that includes ongoing threat assessment, regular training, drills and continuous improvement.

Key takeaways and learning objectives

This educational session will provide a detailed process for climate-driven “pre-response” in a variety of key areas including:

Supply Chain Disruptions: How to provide workable backups and alternatives for supply and distribution channels and connecting transportation. 

Employee Safety and Productivity: Predicting employee responses to extreme weather risks and prioritizing needed support, training and backups.

Regulatory and Compliance Risks: Understanding required disaster preparedness and recovery standards and requirements - and developing practical and justifiable responses. 

Financial Risks: How to realistically involve all organizational elements, making them accountable for direct loss due to damages, indirect losses from disrupted operations, increased costs, and potential loss of market value.

…and many more areas. The session will also include walk throughs of common response scenarios and how they can be applied by region, industry type and organization size and reach.

Presenter information

Speaker - David I. Blacksberg, MPH, NEMAA, Senior Consultant

Speaker - David Bernstein, MPA, CBCP, CEM, CHEP, CHPCP, Principal Consultant

Speaker - Susan Zielan, Senior Consultant, Business Continuity

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