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Business Continuity Risk Index for the Supply Chain

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Business Continuity


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A resilient supply chain has the capability to withstand and effectively respond to a disruption or disaster to ensure the entity's continued operations. Resilient supply chains have a robust business continuity plan that incorporates country-level intelligence, risk-based sourcing strategies, and supply chain visibility. Organizations' must know where their vulnerabilities are and proactively address them to reduce the risk of their bottom line and reputation being impacted by an interference, such as a factory strike or tsunami.

BSI has developed a Risk Index focused solely on global business continuity risks, threats, and trends to help organizations' understand where the risks lie and where to focus their efforts on mitigating those risks. This risk index online briefing will provide in-depth data and analysis on incidents that have occurred in 2015 and their impacts on the supply chain.

Our Senior Intelligence Analyst will be discussing specific issues such as:

  • Major Weather Events
  • Labor Strikes and Protests
  • The Migrant Crisis
  • Border Closures
  • Political, Financial, and Economic Stability

BSI Supply Chain Solutions

We are the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, assessment compliance and risk management software solutions, and auditing and advisory services. Our holistic supply chain risk management suite is designed to predict and visualize risk, and develop robust risk mitigation and compliance management programs to protect your supply chain, brand, and reputation.

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