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Cargo Theft: Mapping and Analyzing Threats

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Supply Chain


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How do you predict and quantify cargo theft risk?

Knowing where the greatest threats are allows organizations to effectively allocate resources, prepare and coordinate with suppliers, and better protect their supply chains. In most cases, organizations operate in a reactive state and are forced to make rushed and uninformed decisions to try and recover from a disruption. Remaining in this state leaves the supply chain vulnerable to various security threats, such as cargo theft, that could drastically impact an organization's bottom line, brand and reputation.

During this webinar we will provide a framework to predict and quantify cargo theft by country and industry, and review case studies to demonstrate the methods used to determine cost-effective strategies, mitigate cargo theft exposures and improve resilience.

BSI will also be covering topics such as:

  • What factors contribute to cargo theft risk
  • How better knowledge of cargo theft risk can improve the effectiveness of your security organization
  • How to determine the cost-effectiveness of your security spending
  • The importance of assessing cargo theft risk ahead of a product launch or when entering new markets
  • Where cargo theft risks fit in a larger view of organizational risk and resilience


Tony Pelli works with a number of Fortune 500 companies to evaluate and quantify the risk of security problems, business continuity interruptions, and social responsibility compliance violations in the supply chain. Tony also spent one year on a rotation in BSI's office in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, helping to launch and develop business for the SCS tools in EMEA.

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